Every item we make has been constructed with daily use in mind. We create products that we feel confident can withstand normal* everyday wear. We use the best materials available to us and apply our very best skills and techniques to build each piece. A great deal of thought goes into the general construction of everything we offer so that we can get you the most functional work of leather art we possibly can. If you think of something we could do differently to better suit your personal needs, please let us know. This can often be done by creating a custom piece designed just for you.  To begin a creative collaboration, simply click here.


*normal everyday wear for most people does not include the use of whips, knives, swords, bullets, lasers, or other types of destructive devices. Should your normal everyday wear include any of these things, please let us know so that we can determine the proper repair policy for your lifestyle.

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Individually crafted leather goods and clothing designed for the unpretentious budget.

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